About Our Organization

MAS Horní Pomoraví is a non-profit organization/ a local action group. The organization was established in 2006. The main goal of the organization is focused on the development of our region (economically weak, sub montane, frontier area) in accordance with the principle of sustainable development. The development is based on the efficient use of local resources and works in cooperation with a wide range of partners.

The headquarters of the organization is in Hanušovice and the contact office is in Zábřeh. The organization currently has about 20 employees and keeps growing. Some of our employees work on a part-time basis, and we continuously cooperate with with other external sources and volunteers. We currently have employees and we continuously cooperate with other external sources and volunteers.

What we do:

1) Regularly/On a Daily Basis/Daily Goals/ Everyday Tasks:

  • We look for financial, educational and organizational resources within the LEADER strategic plan (the overall strategic plan of educational, financial and organization development of the project/region). We make public announcements offering financial support for regional projects and help applicants to develop and implement their plan. In addition to LEADER, we also make use of regional, national, European and other grants, countryside revitalization programs, state environmental fund programs, and other resources. 
  • We operate our Information Center in Hanušovice – We provide information about tourist attractions, cultural, social, and sporting events, etc. to the public. 
  • We are the founders of the Regional Trademark JESENIKY – Original Product. This trademark represents original products from the Jesenik Mountain Region. It includes handcraft products, locally grown food and agriculture and catering services and accommodation facilities. We help local businesses within the trademark with marketing and PR. We organize markets and promote their products/services at different events like seminars and visitor tours. 
  • Long Term Projects in Education – We are trying to improve the quality of education in primary schools and kindergartens for student and teachers by cooperating with local organizations in both formal and non-formal education forums. We organize seminars, lectures, and workshops, where new teaching methods are introduced to teachers and parents, school founders and other non-profit organizations active in education. These events allow teachers to collaborate and share examples of effective teaching strategies. We also prepare activities for children to introduce new learning approaches in education. 
  • We cooperate on the development of education at the district level, and we initiate networking and effective linking of the social area with education.
    Senior Citizen Community– We organize virtual universities for senior citizens seeking additional education and other physical activities to engage the elderly in an active lifestyle. 
  • Projects and Cooperation in the Social Field – We help long-term unemployed people in our region return to the labor market by offering courses to prepare them for a professional work environment like preparing CVs, and classes on how to operate different technologies.
    We run a debt-counseling center for people over 18 years of age who are in an unfavorable social situation associated with debt.
    We cooperate with other NGO´s to improve the quality of life for socially disadvantaged people in the region.


2) Occasionally

  • We organize annual Community Events for example, the “Ball of the Institute of Disabled People”.
  • We are also active in preserving traditions while improving community life. We renew regional fairy tales and legends, which are a treasure to Czech Republic’s identity and traditions. This helps encourage adults to be active in learning with the children of the community. 
  • In the popular season we often organize cultural and sporting events to support a community life in villages and towns of the region, often working together with volunteers, who are mostly students from the region who help us with the preparation and throughout the duration of the events. Volunteers can offer regional products, lead fun and physical activities for children and senior citizens and/or take photos and videos during events.