Evropský sbor solidarity


Profile of volunteer

We offer cooperation with young people who want to gain work experience abroad. People who want to stand apart and work on personal growth. The volunteer must be willing to work in a nonprofit organization and community and like working with all different age groups of people including children and seniors.

We expect volunteers to be self-starters and take an active approach to implement their own projects to better serve MAS’s overall mission.

Steps for Application

  1. Confirm your interest with our volunteer program by allowing us permission to contact you.
  2. Send your Resume/CV
  3. We will set up a Facetime/Whats App or Skype Interview

Expected Volunteer Activities

The volunteers will know our mission, goal and structure of the organization at the beginning of their stay. We will use work experiences to give them knowledge about strategic planning and the community principle of development and information about activities within the organization. They cooperate with the employees of the organization in each department in order to understand the roles better and how they work up close. Then they can choose which department they would like to focus on. Within the selected topic they choose, they can create their own ideas about how to improve and contribute to our overall goals. J *Financial management of the project will be carried out by the financial manager.

 Volunteers can participate:

1. In activities with our Information Center:

  • Help prepare promotional material for specific target groups, including their identification, description, graphic design, etc. (eg. Paths with strollers, excursions for disabled people, sports attractions, places in the region with an interesting historical background, etc.)
  • Help prepare thematic excursions for different age groups (eg paths on electro-bike for the elderly people, informal activities for children from a socially weak environment, etd.)
  • Use their creativity to collect photos of and identify interesting locations using modern technology.
  • Support the Trademark– Engage in marketing activities, design different forms of promotion, prepare and organize sales/presentation events (e.g. Farmer´s markets and other presentations).
  • Create marketing packages of regional experiences to highlight all aspects the region has to offer. For example, combine products, services, and experiences into one package for visitors in the region.
  • Participate in the preparation and implementation of educational events for local businesses within the trademark.

2. In improving the quality of our regional education:

  • Prepare and implement educational events (eg. Project Multicultural Days).
  • Collaborate and help everyone involved in the education department practice good habits, healthy teamwork and create positive work environments with groups of various ages.
  • Volunteers can be part of the working groups that prepare activities for students and teachers in the actual classroom. (e.g the teaching of a specialized subject in a foreign language and/or presentations about their hometown).
  • Participate in senior education (e.g. prepare a lecture about their own country, culture, etc.)

3.Participate in the preparation of cultural, social and sporting events:

  • Help with the preparation and carry out events according to the prepared plan.
  • Help with the presentation and promotional activities for our online presence (e.g. taking photos, video, web publishing, and social media).

Our goal is to let the volunteers to choose a topic that would be most interesting for them and have them create their own ideas about how to better serve our community.

Information for Volunteers

Two volunteers from the program countries will be invited to join the project and will work together for a 12-month period in a non-profit organization called MAS Horní Pomoraví o.p.s. This means serving an area of 46 rural municipalities (about 50 thousand inhabitants).

Travel/Flight – We plan the journey to and from the Czech Republic and pick up  the volunteers at their place of arrival once they get to the Czech Republic. We will show them around so they will feel comfortable to travel the city independently. We will also help them with practical aspects for their stay – health insurance, residence permits, etc.

Accommodation- We will provide volunteers with facilities to stay and work. Volunteers will be accommodated in a two-room apartment with kitchen and bathroom facilities. This flat is located in the town center near the office of our organization in Zábřeh (3 min.walk) and is near other services. The apartment will provide volunteers privacy and independence. There will be 2 volunteers in one flat, but each will have his/her own room. We will show volunteers around the town and help them become oriented in the town and with the system of local traffic.

Work Space- We provide language training for volunteers and we will also prepare a workspace for the volunteers in our office with technical equipment.

Work Supervisor- There will be personnel support consisting of a work supervisor that is a leader in the organization in charge of the specific topic the volunteer chooses as an area of interest. Volunteers will participate in regular meetings of the organization and will be in contact with other members of the organization within their chosen topic as well.

Personal Mentor– Volunteers will have a mentor who will help with personal needs/personal support. The role of a mentor is associated with support in solving personal problems or administrative tasks. The mentor will also help the volunteers to reflect on their work in the organization and community.

Expenditure- As written above accommodation and travel to and from the Czech Republic will be arranged by MAS. Volunteers will not receive salary for their work however; they will receive regular pocket money (5 EUR per day). From this money they must pay for their own food and other personal expenses.

Social Life/Environment– They will also be able to spend time with the families of employees and/or join them in fun or leisurely activities. They can also take advantage of local activities, like sport programs, culture activities and other social events. This region offers a ton of beautiful nature that you can hike, ride bikes and explore. The Jesenik Mountains are beautiful and easily accessible to us by bus or train. Please copy and paste this link into your browser to see all that Jeseniky has to offer.

Jesenik Region


Train Transportation– Zabreh Na Morave train station is also one of the main intersections of the Czech Republic making it easy to travel west to Prague in 2 hours and the complete opposite direction east to Ostrava in 1 and half hour. You can visit other cities like Olomouc, and Brno in the Czech Republic but you can also visit other countries like Austria, Germany, Poland or Slovakia.

The train system is affordable, quick and frequent and the best way to travel outside of this region.

Bus Transportation– If you want to travel to a town closer to us like Sumperk, Mohelnice, or visit a small quaint village the bus system is also affordable, frequent and efficient! It is inexpensive, there are plenty of bus stops within walking distance of each other and they are super reliable (on time).

There is even one website that can plan your journey combining buses and trains in czech. Please copy and paste this link into your browser to try it out.

Bus and Train Connections (ALL)

Individual Bus and Train Companies (Trips and Rates)

Project Summary

We are looking for outgoing individuals who like to meet new people, are interested in creating lasting relationships and want to experience living in a different culture.

We want to create a mutually beneficial relationship with the volunteers that come to work with us and keep in touch even after the conclusion of their time here.

To watch a brief video on all of the wonderful things MAS does for the community please copy and paste this link into your browser.